How much does kitchen fitting cost?

Fitting a kitchen is a tricky piece of work that is best left in the hands of experienced professionals – but what do you have to be mindful of and how much does kitchen fitting actually cost?

Hire a professional to fit your kitchen for best results.

Every kitchen is different, therefore cost will depend on how much work, such as removing an old kitchen, fitting new flooring or renewing the plumbing, is actually necessary. Proper planning and getting a good contractor will save you some money, while hasty planning and then applying any changes later in the process can make your kitchen fitting cost rise unnecessarily.

What does kitchen fitting include?

If you are installing a kitchen in a new-built house or in a new extension it may be necessary to have the plumbing installed first. If you hire a contractor to do all the plumbing as well as the fitting this will be included in the kitchen fitting cost. It is advisable to adjust the plumbing to your kitchen plans so no changes for subsequent dishwasher installation or for extra sinks will be required once the kitchen is fitted. When re-modelling kitchens it is a good idea to check whether existing installations can be used with new fixtures you want to have installed. In addition to the plumbing, kitchen fitting cost will usually include the installation of furniture, equipment and devices.

Who should fit your kitchen?

Hire a professional to fit your kitchen. Kitchen fitters are specialised in the installation of kitchens and they bring the equipment and experience necessary to get you the best results possible. You can lower kitchen fitting cost by trying to do some of the work on your own, but you risk damage due to faulty installation which may cost more to put right later on, therefore DIY installation is generally not recommended especially for the plumbing and for electric fittings. A kitchen fitter will be experienced with and certified for these tasks. If your kitchen installation includes the setup of a gas cooker you should look for a kitchen fitter who is registered with Gas Safe so he can set it up for you.

How much will kitchen fitting cost?

If you buy a fitted kitchen, installation cost will usually be included and the retailer may even charge you less for installation if you buy the kitchen from his company. Other than that, kitchen fitting cost may differ depending on the size of the kitchen and the amount of work necessary, as well as on the kitchen fitter you hire. Generally you should request at least three quotes from different contractors before you decide. Fitting a cupboard will cost around £40, fitting a worktop will cost around £25 and installation of a sink will cost around £80-£90, plumbing included. Installation of devices such as a washing machine or a dishwasher will cost around £40 each, while installation of a gas cooker which requires a certified contractor will cost around £80. Having the electrics fitted will cost between £30 and £80 depending on how much sockets and lights are required. Adding all these the kitchen fitting cost, the sum for an average kitchen will be around £300-£400, while flooring, radiator or underfloor heating and removal of an existing kitchen cost extra.

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